I THINK I’m still here

Yes, yes,  I am. And still posting to my tumblrs

  • http://dowackado.tumblr.com/ pop culture flotsam/jetsam
  • http://thingstoreadtoday.tumblr.com/ the political think-y stuff
  • http://ghastlyandawful.tumblr.com/ fashion photography
    I always feel I have to explain myself for the last one, but a long time ago I was held captive in a small office at Conde Nast, when it was still at 43rd and Madison. I was a poorly paid temp assistant for none other than Andre Leon Talley. While he was away in London, Paris and Milan, I spent entire days browsing through bound volumes of Vogue back issues.  Have been addicted to fashion magazines ever since, but never enough to become a fashionable person.I am fascinated by fashion in the same way that I am fascinated by college football. Both offer the amazing and appalling in near equal measures. No plans on a college football tumblr at the moment, however.

I plan to keep dowackado.com going for a while, because I actually read it from time to time, and because one day I hope to summon the energy to write at (greater) length. But I hate repeating myself and that is what I seemed to be doing in the last year.

Also on twitter @timmuky. Drop me a line….



I THINK I’m still here

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