Fragmentation of the self on social media. Discuss.


I re-upped my annual hosting charge for this blog, or rather I let the automatic renewal happen. With all the many free ways to express oneself online, I’m already feeling a little buyer’s remorse…. But hey, Blogging is back! (Maybe…) What’s old is new. And the war that never ended is beginning all over again!

In lieu of actually writing something, an announcement. I have made a few small changes.

The “dowackiest posts” was a little out of date, so I added a couple of my more recent pieces.

Took down my “blogroll”, which is kind of an outdated concept in this age of twitter feeds and RSS, no?

And I’ve gathered in one place a list of all manifestations of my fragmented social media self, such as it is, appear. I am much more of a twitter person these days. I don’t know if it’s a good thing. I am probably more au courant, but maybe I don’t want to be that way. On days where I own the Slate news quiz, I’m often thinking, “These things are really not that important…”

It’s weird that, having always been an early adopter, it took me so long to become a user of smart phones. Yeah, they’re ok, I guess. I admit I love taking pictures of cows with my Moto X. Never felt comfortable lugging around my D-70 in the pasture. But now I can go “Cow crazy,” in my wife’s apt phrase…..

Still here. Keep checking back. Really.

And now, some cows….

Fragmentation of the self on social media. Discuss.

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