Opening Night

My wife’s family runs a summer theater and last night was the much-delayed opening night (usually they open early June), but it was raining and they couldn’t move the show inside as they usually do because of … well, you know. They have been in business for 70 years, and I have been coming to shows since 1990, and can’t remember them ever cancelling.

So we served dinner to about 15 people, and sent everyone else home. I am–and I guess will be–the bartender for these two weeks or so. Last night I served four freebies and no paid drinks.

That’s me in the picture. “Welcome back to the Overlook Hotel, Mr Torrance!”

Then we had the opening night party, much more sparsely attended than usual. Still it was nice sitting there in the dark, drinking and chatting at a socially appropriate distance, almost like olden days.

One of the young actresses did a playlist that impressed this greybeard: Paint it black and Young folks by Peter Bjorn and John!

Opening Night

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