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It’s Sandro about Biennale

I just had a bizarre twitter encounter with a fancily-titled music writer that made me feel … old. See below.


Instead of engaging in further back-and-forth I’m taking it here to my safe space. My first comment was a little flip, I admit, but them I spent a few minutes coming up with a conciliatory follow-up, which was met by an even more spectacularly tourrettes-y outburst, and lots of faves for the eruption. Some jolly folks chimed in to make light of “this guy,” (i.e. me).

I’ve gotten more mentions on this encounter than in my entire previous twitter history…

The experience made me feel like the Dude in The Big Lebowski in the Biennale scene. Lots of stuff whizzing past his ears that he doesn’t get, except that it’s clear he’s the butt of the joke.

And yet… I still feel like I’m right. Why would you credit the Jam with David Watts’ “critique of masculinity” just because they covered a Kinks song…

Let me know what I’m missing, folks….

“The more I think about it, the more I appreciate the equator”

Channeling Larry King’s old USA Today “News and Views” column. The title of this piece is just one of many flashes of random brilliance from Norm Macdonald’s priceless SNL spot…..

1. Madonna never made an album as good as “Femme Fatale” or a song as perfect as “How I Roll.”

2. I haven’t met a bourbon I don’t like. I’m a W.L. Weller Special Reserve man, but am currently on a detour through Very Old Barton and Old Grandad land.

3. Nothing tastes as good as fried polenta right out of the oil, tongue-burning hot.

4. Making up ways in which Iran threatens us is such an easy game to play.

5. Did they do a poll and find voters want More War, Austerity, Surveillance, and Prisons? No? Tell the Republicans! Tell the Democrats! There must be some mistake.

6. I just love to watch cows walk.

7. Aaaannnddd … this is one special chicken.


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