collective punishment

Let me see if I have this straight …

Eight Israelis, six soldiers, and two civilians, were attacked and killed in a bus near the Sinai border.  It’s not clear who carried out the attacks. Hamas denies responsibility.

Nevertheless, Israel has been hitting Gaza hard with air strikes (American  F-16s, naturally) for the past two days, with the results you see below (I caution you about the image at the bottom).

How is this not collective punishment?

Richard Silverstein offers the story behind the picture:

Today, an Israeli drone performed heroically for the fatherland by incinerating a car (or in other reports a motorcycle) carrying a Palestinian doctor and his family to hospital seeking treatment for a sick child.  The doctor, his brother, and the doctor’s little boy were killed in the attack.  Ynet announced: Oops, we missed.  The drone was aiming for a terrorist cell traveling nearby.  WAFA says the doctor’s brother was an Al Quds commander, which would mean that the IDF is willing to kill sick 2 year old children in order to get alleged terrorists as well.

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