Checking in: hoops and drunken dancing

A long dry spell at the old blog. Been busy around the farm, bees and cows and lawn and garden. Not reading much, sadly.

My boys and I have bonded over basketball. They love to play their own special version of the game out back on our eight-foot hoop with a mostly grass court, with a few spots where the grass has been trodden down and you can dribble a little. Both boys are obsessed with dunking, and to that end have set up mini-trampolines. I’m always telling them, “You should be working on the basics before worrying about dunking.” Yes, I have become that dad.


And we have been watching the games together as much as we can. My older boy Daniel checks his Kindle first thing in the morning and always has something to say about the late game. We talk about the amazing feats of Durant and Chris Paul and the rageful ineptitude of Cedric Kendrick Perkins, and the roller-coaster ride Larry Legend has been on.


It’s a nice thing. Totally unexpected.


Other than that, I feel the events of the wider world will not be affected much by my commentary. That will probably change. It always does.

I keep up with my tumblr because that is something mindless to do while scanning the Internets in the morning. And an unexpected delight has been an increased participation in This Is My Jam. I had fairly low expectations of the service, but I find the fellowship of other musical obsessives is a corrective to the musical tedium of the Spotify era, where having all music at your disposal is not a lot better than having none.

Below is just one of many inspiring finds I’ve stumbled upon. The song by Voices of East Harlem is divine and the video of the uninhibited, inebriated Homo Brittanicus ┬áis delightful.

Checking in: hoops and drunken dancing

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