Today, Sept. 19, 2014

Today is simply glorious weather-wise. 75 and sunny. The cows are in the field closest to the house, so I’m always aware of them munching away in the background.

I had a go at the wood pile for a couple of hours. Preparing it so that the kids can stack it neatly, their big chore for the week. I have a feeling it won’t go well the first time, but I’m determined to get them involved in the process. I’ve got a fair bit put up, but a lot of it is fairly green.

Threw a bunch of stuff away. Came upon an old commonplace book from the early 80s, where, among other things, I noted every word I didn’t know in Ulysses, wrote down the definition, and used it in a sentence. Hierophantic. Entelechy. Archon. Parturiate. The attention span is not what it once was….

A few years ago I went Goodwill-crazy and bought lots of clothes items I had no need for (but they were SO CHEAP!) Today I put about two dozen dress shirts into a big contractor bag.

This cardinal has been banging into the same window every day for over a week now. I imagine it is misinterpreting its own reflection.

Out there in the world, Scotland voted “No!” Air strikes in Iraq. People on twitter are talking about Adrian Peterson’s beating two of his children.

Ted Rall has written a piece called A Hillary Clinton Candidacy is an Incredibly Depressing Thought.

I’ve had the tab open all day. Have a feeling I’ll close it before getting around to reading it.

My jam today is Funky Kingston, by Toots and the Maytals.

Today, Sept. 19, 2014

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