“Breeze blows leaves of a musty colored yellow”

Fall Break! Heather and the kids have gone south, to Pine Mountain, for a couple of days, and I am on my own.

I shock myself by how I take advantage of this opportunity–by doing pretty much what I would do otherwise.

I did cook a massive ribeye, for myself, smoking up the entire house. It was of course delicious, and I probably made little snorting noises while wolfing it down, but I could not even finish it! I pretty much fell asleep in front of the teevee while watching the replay of Alabama vs. Ole Miss on ESPN, and then felt compelled to rewatch Stanford vs. ND on DVR.

College football is still an evil enterprise, a gross misuse of tax dollars, particularly in poor states (like Alabama and Mississippi) that could otherwise go to improving the living conditions of tens of thousands. But this weekend I brushed all that aside. College football was a massively entertaining spectacle. (“I like my football, on a Saturday”)…. And Katy Perry surfaced, bizarrely, in Oxford on Saturday to make it even more so.

Is that great, or what? I should add that my liberty, such as it is, is constrained by the mixed blessing of having a young puppy in the house to entertain, to feed, to keep out of mischief, and to clean up after. What kind of freedom prohibits one from sleeping in? Or to get any serious reading done…


Puppies are inherently anti-intellectual

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The colors have been gorgeous in the pasture and I have taken some nice shots, if I do say so myself….

“Breeze blows leaves of a musty colored yellow”

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