Goodbye, Charlie

I believe Charlie played fiddle on Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde*, and toured with the Band, and had his own actually terrific southern rock band in the early 70s, at the vanguard of that trend.

I saw the CDB at the Young America tent at the Minnesota State Fair in 73!

The girls behind me in the crowd were all excited, talking about how Charlie wanted to have them come backstage to party with band. The girls were my age, 13.

I am relaying a half-century-old necessarily unreliable statement from a stranger here. This is more a comment on the times then the band….

And then, as probably many of you know, he became your most insane right-wing Fox watching uncle. Behghazi!

Anyway, Charlie Daniels was a pretty major figure in rock and country music over a 6-decade career and made a lot of great music in that time. His like will not be there again.


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Goodbye, Charlie

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